Feed Certification Institute


The Facility Certification Institute (FCI) is an internationally respected and recognized third-party certification provider with service to the Feed Industry. FCI was formed in 2001 to provide non-biased, third-party certification programs and ensure the continued safety of feed and food products.

In January 2013 FCI merged with Validus to become FCI-Validus. Validus focuses on agriculture and the food industry, has an outstanding reputation with no conflicts of interest, and will help FCI continue as a true independent, third party company. This alliance provides a new and dynamic future for FCI with the added support of resources, increased technological capabilities, training capabilities, international experience as well as ISO 9001 accreditation.

FCI was founded on the idea of "Certification with Integrity." FCI-Validus will continue this motto as we move forward.

Currently FCI-validus audits the following certification programs:

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Facility Certification Institute
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